ThinkProgress | Thousands told to vacate North Carolina apartments in second wave of people displaced by Florence


One day after the deadline to move out, the final stragglers were solemnly packing up their cars, filling them with whatever belongings could fit inside. The rest — couches, microwaves, carpets, and other furniture — were left abandoned in piles outside the red brick, single-story homes. Blue tarps covered most of the roofs and doorways were sealed off as clean-up crews began their work.

Some 700 tenants of the Market North affordable housing apartment complex in Wilmington, North Carolina were given one week’s notice to leave their homes after black mold was discovered in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Residents were able to push the deadline back one more week, but the entire complex was vacated by October 22.

A second wave of displaced people are finding themselves newly homeless, months after Florence hit the state. Beginning at the end of September, at least six apartment complexes in New Hanover County have issued notices to the majority, or all, of their residents to vacate. Long after the floodwaters receded, thousands of people have had to pack their bags and leave.

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